Welcome to Ashima

Ashima means limitless and without boundaries, and that is the world we envision for our children. We create books, toys and media that encourage exploration and that highlight the beauty and diversity of the world around us.

We are a children's media company. Our books, toys, and games take children on learning adventures around the world as they follow along with Aya and her adorable stuffed sloth companion, Pete! Our book and toy collection explores topics such as food, language, music, art, culture, currency, and landmarks that children may find in different cities and countries

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of global citizens. We are advocates for sharing the magic of this great big world with children from as early an age as possible. We believe in breaking down barriers, building bridges of understanding, accepting the unique perspectives of others, and forging new friendships! For us, this starts one story at a time.

Ashima is a NMSDC minority-owned and WBENC woman-owned certified business.

About Aya & Pete

Our signature publication is The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete book series, inspired by the real life experiences of mother-daughter duo Serena Minott and Asha Gore, and beautifully illustrated by Carolina Búzio. The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete takes children on exciting adventures around the world as they follow along with a little girl named Aya, and her stuffed sloth, Pete!

The first three books in the Aya & Pete travel series find our adorable characters visiting three of the most beloved cities in the world. Children will love exploring Paris, London, and New York City with our vibrant hardcover book collection.

Our books are written and illustrated to take children on visual learning adventures around the world. Explore French language learning, Parisian cafe culture, and the Eiffel Tower in our Paris book. Then take a stroll through the staterooms of Buckingham Palace and ride the Eye in London. Then, get lost in New York City on a whirlwind tour of the Big Apple with Aya & Pete. Our three-book gift box set is a bestseller, featuring all three books in a cute carrying case.

The newest book of the series, The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete in Mexico takes children on an exciting adventure to explore the magic and wonder of Mexico as Aya & Pete visit Mexico City, the Yucatan, and Oaxaca. The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete in Mexico is now available!

Meet the Authors

Hello and welcome! We created these books because we noticed that there was a gap in the market for these kinds of stories.

As a young family with a passion for exploration and reading, we found very few books that shared fun information about different places from a child's perspective, and certainly none with a multicultural lens. So we set about creating goods that not only reflected our personal experiences, but that also inspired values we wanted, and that we believe others would want, for our children - knowledge, curiosity, adaptability, acceptance, compassion and empathy. The result is an artful collection of globally inspired goods that teach children about the beauty and diversity of the world around us.

After many years traveling as a family and living in different countries and continents, we have seen how much the world has to teach young children. Since a young age, Asha (now with her baby brother) has met children all around the world, seen how they live, heard the languages they speak, learned the games they play, and tasted the foods they eat. In writing these stories, we hope to spark the curiosity of other children, and encourage them to learn more about the world they live. We want all children to know it's a big world out there, and that they belong in it as much as anyone. 

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Our Mission

At Ashima, we believe travel informs, but education transforms. We are committed to donating 5% of our profits to organizations that empower women and girls through education and entrepreneurship. Learn More