What is the Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete?

Our signature publication is The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete children’s travel book series. Inspired by the real life experiences of mother-daughter duo Serena Minott and Asha Gore, and beautifully illustrated by Carolina Búzio, The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete takes children on exciting adventures around the world as they explore topics such as geography, languages, foods, currency, landmarks and cultures in different cities.  

Current books in the series include Aya & Pete in Paris, Aya & Pete in London, and Aya & Pete in New York! Plus, more cities coming soon! 

Why a travel book series for children?

We know from personal experience how open the world is to children and how much the world has to teach them. We create books, toys and games that share with children the magic of travel and exploration. Our goal is to spark children's curiosity, encourage them to learn more about places and cultures different from their own, and to understand that there's a big world out there and that they belong in it as much as anyone. We believe this knowledge instills empathy and compassion for others, acceptance of differences, adaptability, understanding, creativity and openness, among other intangible values.

What is Ashima?

Ashima is a multimedia children's content company. We are invested in building the next generation of global citizens through books, toys and media that encourage children to explore, to be curious, and to learn more about the world they live in. Ashima means limitless and without boundaries, and that is the world we envision for our children.  

Our company's social mission is to advance women and girl's empowerment through education and entrepreneurial opportunities. This is achieved through sustainable funding of organizations that support girls' education and women's entrepreneurship on a global scale. 

We are a NMSDC minority certified business, and 100% women owned. Our founder, Serena Minott, is a 2021 Tory Burch Foundation Fellow, and a UBS Project Entrepreneur/Hello Alice $25k grant award recipient. 

Why Did We Start This Company?

Ashima was formed on our personal experience of being a traveling family, of raising children who love to read, and who are curious and who love to learn new things, like most children. When I couldn't find these kinds of stories, especially from a multicultural lens, I decided to create them. What started as a mom wanting to write a book inspired by her daughter's travels around the world has since grown into a full scale business with a global team of artists, editors, designers, manufacturers, developers, creators, dreamers, parents, readers and travelers, all invested in encouraging and inspiring the next generation of leaders and global citizens. At the heart of what we do is instilling children with values we believe most parents hold dear - empathy, compassion, understanding, appreciation of differences, acceptance, adaptability, curiosity and confidence. Thank you for being here. 

How Many Countries HAVE You Visited?

Traveling is our passion. It’s what’s encouraged us to create Ashima and Aya & Pete in the first place. These stories are based on our real life experiences living and traveling around the world as a family. Serena has traveled to 48 countries, Asha has visited 27.

Where Are Aya & Pete Going to Next?

We’re constantly growing Aya & Pete, creating new content and focused on taking children on exciting new adventures. Our next 3-book collection is in progress and we will be releasing our newest title in the coming months. Please check back here for updates! 

How Can We Order Aya & Pete Products?

Order your Aya & Pete books, toys and games here through our e-commerce website, or find us at your local Nordstrom store and online. You can also find us at your local independent bookstore or library, depending on where you live. 

For wholesale inquiries and orders, please contact us! 

Do You Offer Returns or Exchanges?

We try our best to create books, toys and games that excite and delight you and your family. However, we realize that sometimes, items may not meet your expectations. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us to request a refund or exchange. We’ll do our best to make it right for you! For more information, please see our Returns and Exchanges page.